How to get started with website development

In the 21st century where majority of the businesses are based on the web, ranging from e-commerce website to a blog, one could hardly argue the importance of learning web-development.

Web development seems to be omnipresent these days with majority of businesses using web to reach their customers. Web development has come a long way since its origin and the design patters are ever changing. This article will guide you as to how to build a basic website and get your business out there on the web.

Web development constitutes a wide array of languages and knowledge of Linux systems, but one could get a basic website up and running with a little knowledge of HTML (hyper text markup language) and CSS. Firstly what one needs is a domain which will serve as the URL of the website eg. One can purchase a web domain for a nominal yearly fee from various websites such as,, etc. The website guides you through the steps required to purchase a domain.


Next we will need to learn basics of HTML. HTML in itself is not even a programming language, but just a markup language. Which basically means all HTML can do is markup the text in the form of tables, heading, paragraphs etc. A basic HTML page looks like this –

If we run this code in the browser it will display a very basic page that reads Hello World. The thing that pops out in the code are basic tags like,. These tags are used to markup how the text will look. Eg. tag marks up the text “hello world” as a paragraph. We have to keep in mind that these tags also have to be closed with a parallel

, , tags. HTML is made up of various tags which could be easily found online. A good place to start is


If we open this page up in the browser it will look like this.

Not very appealing is it. What this text is missing is some color and some alignment of Text. This is where CSS comes into place. CSS is a language used in web development that is used to provide color, alignment etc. to the text. CSS can be incorporated in the code within thetags. To let the browser know that we are using CSS we put our CSS code in the


Now if we draw our attention to the style tag we will see a “p” with some curly brackets and some text in between. The “p” is used to target the text in the tags. What we see inside the curly brackets is called attributes. These attributes provide some styling such as the color, alignment etc. to the text. With this small code, we have a website that looks something like this.

Now that we know how to create a page with some text and add some styling to it we can go ahead with creating our own website. One of the resources to learn about various CSS attributes online is

This was a small tutorial on how to get started with web-design but this is barely scratching the surface. Web design incorporates various other languages, such as PHP which is used to run code on the server, JavaScript which is used to make the website responsive, SQL which is used to store information such as users card details, new posts, user ids etc. Web development is an industry, which is constantly growing both technologically and in its presence around the world.


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