Latest Trends in Graphic Design

The ever-changing trends of Graphic design are a great way to infuse your work with new passion and fresh ideas. Some trends come and go, few stay on for a longer time and later on metamorphose into a permanent feature.

Trend spotting is a brilliant experience and the field of Graphic design offers many such opportunities. Trends are important and need to be track irrespective of your area of interest as a designer, a business owner or a blog writer. Who wants to be left behind anyways?

Let us explore a few trends that are taking its world by storm:

Flat design Trend: Flat 2.0 is categorized by a colourful, clean look, imposing, bold typography, understated gradients and lots of white space. Influence by the Swiss style, Bauhaus, and the minimalistic design, this trend is easy to blend with hand drawn and complex artwork, thus making it supple and versatile. This design was launched as a completely flat style and has added motion and depth with passing time.

Dramatic & Creative Typography: We can expect more playful and bold typography in the future as font products become easier and cheaper with the use of tools like Glyphs.

There are bolder statements, letter stacking and sans serif typefaces due to higher screen resolution. More handwritten fonts are also making their presence felt this year and creating an impact.

Quirky Illustrations: Hand drew illustrations that border on the eccentric have made its way to graphic design and thus infusing a much-needed human element. By mixing their tools and techniques, illustrators are discovering brushstrokes and sketchy lines. This has led to a wider and more expansive range of design styles and uses.


A simple flash of movement that does not distract us from the content and yet is enough to grab our attention is making its way into the graphic design. 2D animation and design are being infused with photos and illustrations, thus allowing to become a fusion of movement and stills.

Minimalistic Logotypes:

Crisp and subtle monoline style, flat design, minimalism, negative space and subtle gradients have been trending and continue to remain in the spotlight during the year too.

Geometric shapes:

Geometric shapes consist of straight lines or curves and are uniform, as opposed to organic shapes which are irregular and imperfect. They are becoming quite regular in use in web design and are being increasingly used to build a visual identity as they consume lower bandwidth as an opposed to heavy images which take a long while to download.

Print Inspired:

Unpredictable and fun prints with neon colours and a bright outlook are likely to continue its run for a longer time as it showcases rich textures, colour slabs, and misprint to great effects.


Altering and taking apart layouts in a completely random manner is the trend that has hit graphic design in a big way. It’s seeming rebel ways are attractive and is keen on breaking the rules.

These brilliant Graphic design trends are pushing out bland and outdated work in a hurry and are a wonderful sign of the amazing things to come our way in the future. Be a part of these trends and bring a whiff of freshness to your work.


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