Latest Trends in Software Applications

Software industry and applications are changing at a great pace and there is no looking back. The software industry is changing its fundamentals and thus it has become essential for the software industry and every individual who is looking to make a career in software industry and software application development

to be aware of these latest trends. Hence, we have made our attempt to summarize the latest trends in software applications in below-mentioned list:

1. Cloud computing:

Cloud computing has gained a lot of importance in the recent past since companies are focusing on cutting the infrastructure cost and have started keeping their data in the cloud rather than physical storage. By every passing day, more and more companies are moving their software application to remote cloud networks. Cloud computing has emerged as a low-cost dependable data storage place after some minor fixes in security.

2. Remote or virtual workplaces:

With the advent of cloud computing and virtual desktop, the concept of virtual office has increased by leaps and bounds. Companies have identified virtual workplace as one of the cost saving methods in the field of software applications and thus they have started cutting cost for physical office and depending more and more on virtual offices to increase their productivity in the field of software applications.

3. Mobile devices and applications:

Mobile technology has left no individual untouched by its vast applications. Smartphone and tablets are slowly replacing the most popular method of business communication available today and that is PC. Even mobile applications have overtaken the usage of PC applications. It has been observed that mobiles are slowly replacing conventional methods of business communication and this trend is not going to slow down in coming future.

4. Virtualization:

Just like the advent of cloud computing, virtualization has also revolutionized the field of software applications. Virtualization is allowing the companies to cut all the cost of maintaining servers physically or any server farms. Apart from cutting the server maintain cost, virtualization is also serving as a stepping stone to many other initiatives in the field of software applications. Virtualization has made software application industry more economical, flexible and profitable.

5.Single page applications:

Bulky and huge websites are things of the past. Software applications have now shifted to a single page which is actively managed and made interactive. JavaScript is coming very handy while designing such single page applications or websites. Single page applications are more handy, fast and compact. Single page applications limit the data you can present on the application and thus only relevant data is presented to the audience.

Apart from the trends mentioned above, there are numerous other factors which are responsible for ever changing software applications like apache’s spark, use of containers for coding, Big data management tools and many more. These are the latest trend in software application today but as the nature of software application industry is, trends can change quickly.


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