Latest web application development trends you must be familiar with!

Website application development has become a highly popular phrase these days. Most people are making use of web applications in many forms and they include shopping carts, content management system, login and enquiry forms, support requests, webmail and many more.

These applications allow users to capture, process, store and transmit data immediately or at a later stage and these applications perform properly irrespective of the operating system. You can deploy them anywhere you want without worrying about complicated installation requirements. If you want to enjoy all these benefits, you must use highly advanced and updated web application development solutions.

What are the latest trends in web applications development?


Emergence of Powerful Applications

The client-server model of web applications primarily focuses on much of work being done on the server and the results are being sent to the client. In such a situation, client-side development remains minimal. This trend is changing in a fast manner and today, people are looking for more dynamic and stronger applications that can compete with native desktop software and mobile apps. What does it indicate? It clearly suggests that bulk of the application should be put in the browser rather than the server and this trend is catching up in a fast manner.

Responsive Design Is No Longer a Trend but A Norm

You have been watching the development of customized web applications that go well with any device and different screen sizes for the past few years and this trend has become a norm now.

Today, any application is supposed to work across all devices and nobody is bothered about purchasing an unresponsive application. The bottom line is that responsive design has become an inevitable aspect of web application development.

Citizen Development Is Getting Popular

There has always been a never-ending communication gap between IT departments and the business units. When the business unit requests for a new solution, the IT department takes a lot of time to come up with the right tool because they are overwhelmed with a lot of application requests. Quite naturally, business users often get tired of waiting and they go for cloud solutions available in the market by avoiding the IT department.

This problem is known as ‘Shadow IT’. Driven by the need of faster IT solutions, the trend of Citizen Development is most likely to become popular in the coming days. A Citizen Developer can be described as a user who develops a fresh business application with the help of development and runtime environments allowed by Corporate IT. What does it mean? Any employee can create his/her own applications using IT-approved development software and this trend is going to become extremely popular in days to come.

The Ever-Rising Importance of Optimal Security Cybercrimes are increasing at a rapid pace and these types of crimes have become a highly alarming source of concern. Nobody can imagine the sophistication levels of cyber-attacks these days and when you look at the vulnerabilities of most applications, the security issues demand immediate attention. Authentic research studies reveal that around 85 percentage of applications have some issues with authentication, access control and confidentiality and, more than 52 percent have some common vulnerabilities such as Cross-site scripting and SQL injection. All these statistics highlight the importance of tightened security and most of the companies have been giving top priority to application security these days.

Rise of Hybrid Website Development Applications

It is a well-known fact that usage of mobile devices has increased ever than before and people always expect enterprise web applications to be accessed through their mobile devices including phones. Experts predict that enterprise app development is going to outrun its supply by almost five times in the immediate future. Today, people are expecting the same web application to be accessed through smartphones and tablets and, this situation leads to an increased demand of hybrid apps. The major benefits of hybrid apps are reduced cost and better performance and, these aspects play an important role in making these types of apps immensely popular.

Another important aspect is that users always want to combine web applications with mobile apps and, this tendency is going to popularize the concept of hybrid apps.

Minimalism Is Ready to Take Over

Minimalism is going to be a major trend in the coming days and, more and more users are looking for fresh and uncluttered user interface. Minimalism can be achieved by confining a design to only the most significant elements and web application developers have started focusing on this important aspect in a serious manner. Fast load time can always be associated with web apps based on minimal design and they also offer better user experience on different types of mobile devices.


Old practices of website app development are incapable of satisfying the needs of today’s business and business people should be aware of the latest trends to enjoy a competitive edge over the competitors. These latest trends are going to make a big impact in the coming days and if you want to succeed in this fiercely competitive world, you should update yourself based on these emerging web application trends.


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